June 29, 2018

Democrats join in vote for military budget larger than whole Education Department funding

Global Research - The so-called “John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019”, which passed the Senate 85-10 after having been approved by the House of Representatives in May, allocates $716 billion for the Defense Department, an increase of $82 billion.

This increase alone is larger than the total budget of the Department of Education, approximately $70 billion. It is also larger than the annual military budget of Russia ($61 billion). The increase in Pentagon spending between 2017 and 2019, $165 billion, is larger than the entire defense budget of China.

... The budget includes provisions for Trump’s unprecedented and undemocratic military parade, which will involve the deployment of US troops on American streets. The spending bill authorizes “any kind of motorized vehicle, aviation platform, munition, operational military unit or operational military platform” to roll down the streets of Washington at the president’s discretion.

It likewise authorizes the continued operation of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp by extending “prohibitions on transfers of detainees into the United States”.

Despite these provisions, which the Democrats claim to oppose, only seven out of 47 Democratic senators voted “nay”, ensuring passage by a lopsided margin.


Anonymous said...

It gets so much worse.


greg gerritt said...

This is why I do not ever support Democrats, even climate champions.

True story, one day I was at a confernce and One of RI
's US senators spoke then was walking towards the exit. I habve met him a number of times so he sat down for a minute. to be funny he said, Greg , your beard looks like one of those beards from Afghan rebels. i said I was growing it in solidarity with Afghan resistance to US Imperlialism. He shut up realfst.