June 6, 2018

Arkansas launches work or die food program

Talking Points Memo - This week, Arkansas becomes the first state in the nation, and in the nation’s history, to require its non-disabled adult Medicaid expansion population to work or volunteer 80 hours a month to maintain their health care benefits.

Arkansans on Medicaid have to prove that they’ve worked 80 hours over the previous month or that they qualify for an exemption. If they fail to do so, they’ll be booted from the rolls after three months. Health care advocates in the state say they expect thousands of low-income people to lose coverage — both those who can’t find work and those who can’t navigate the state’s online-only system for documenting their hours.

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Anonymous said...

Side issue question:

If Arkansas, or any other governmental entity, has an 'online-only' system for doing things; should computers be provided for people to use that system?