June 26, 2018

Antarctic melting speeding up

Truthdig  - The speed of Antarctica’s melting has begun to gather pace. Between 1992 and 2017, the rate of loss of ice from West Antarctica has risen threefold, from 59 billion metric tons per year to 159bn. The West Antarctic peninsula, one of the fastest warming places on Earth, has seen ice loss soar from 7bn to 33bn tons a year in that timespan, as ice shelves have collapsed.

Altogether, in those 25 years, Antarctica has lost more than a trillion tons of ice. Since the southern continent is the biggest store of freshwater on the planet – if it all melted, the sea levels would rise by [190 feet] – the news is ominous.


Anonymous said...

Sam, I want to respectfully suggest that you check out the good people over at the thunderbolts project regarding climate change. The science has more to it than just CO2 levels.

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greg gerritt said...

The Thumnderbolts project is complete crap and totally based on lies.