June 19, 2018

A survey of alternative sex

Buzzfeed - LGBTQ adults in the United States are mostly women, religious, and under 40 years old, according to a new survey conducted by Whitman Insight Strategies and BuzzFeed News.

The poll, taken by 880 LGBTQ Americans across the country, is one of the most thorough surveys of its type, asking more than 100 questions about gender, sex, politics, family, and discrimination.

...The poll finds that gay men also have more sex than lesbian women, while other findings may be more surprising: More than half of LGBTQ Americans are Christian, and nearly half of all LGBTQ people identify as bisexual or queer.

... Nearly half — 46% — of the LGBTQ population identifies as bisexual, which then skews heavily female, younger, and tends to be more racially diverse.

Overall, LGBTQ people are 67% white and 33% nonwhite, which is close to the national census figures.

....More than two-thirds of respondents across generations said coming out made them happier.


Anonymous said...

Not really surprising (maybe to hets). Sexuality is distributed under the normal curve, with most people being able to respond to individuals of either sex under the right circumstances. The heavy skew to the Kinsey 0 (exclusive het) side is due to the enormous social, religious, and legal pressure formerly imposed on everyone (in the US, at least). Religious demands have been devalued, and the culture has matured to the point that the law is no longer a threat in most cities, so people can openly live more authentic lives. But social pressure is still a very effective modifier.

Boys still get a much bigger and more vicious message about society's demands than girls do, so it's harder for them, if they have any attraction to girls at all, to not suppress and deny their same-sex attractions, which explains why the survey found so many women.

That so many lesbians and gay men identify as Xian is accounted for by the widespread belief that to identify as a member of a mainstream religion automatically implies conventional attitudes, social worth, and respectability.

Retribution said...

It is becoming common for people to self-identify their gender to explain their homosexuality. Evidently some dolphins engage in homosexuality.
Tho' I have no attraction for my birth-sex I find this argument compelling and henceforth demand you address me as "Flipper." If only I'd been able to claim "cetacean" as my gender to the draft board. Using the "dolphin defense" might be useful for streakers too.
"That dolphin doesn't have any clothes on. I'm morally offended!!!" wouldn't likely suffice as probable cause either. If we can declare what gender we are, why not which species?