May 16, 2018

Word: The royal wedding

Piers Morgan, Daily Mail, UK = What a mess.

Weddings are supposed to be wonderfully positive occasions filled with love, romance and good cheer.

A chance for two families, and two sets of disparate friends, to come together as one to celebrate the union of a happy couple.

Fat chance of that with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, which has swiftly descended into an acrimonious, disorganised fiasco - and there are still three long days until the big day.

Most of the blame for this falls on Meghan’s family, who’ve conspired to behave like a bunch of repulsive PR-crazed Kardashians, exploiting their girl’s royal romance for as much money and residual fame as they can squeeze out of it.

From the moment Harry and Meghan went public with their engagement, barely a week has gone by without ever-tackier revelations exploding from the Markles.

It’s been the most outrageous, uproarious family reality show in town:

....As best-selling romantic novelist Lisa Kleypas said: ‘Weddings are never about the bride and groom, weddings are public platforms for dysfunctional families.’


Anonymous said...

Because clueless media whore and Twitter punching bag Piers Morgan is now All Things Proper.

This royal (sic) wedding bears close watching as it marks the further degradation of the participating nations. It used to be that commoners, divorced (!) or not, couldn't get within a country mile of true monarchy; Grace Kelly's ascendancy was to a five-and-dime clan, like becoming princess of the post office. Harry and Meghan's purpose have yet to be seen*, but like so much of Cross-Pond decline, it will make things past seem positively rosy, and Markle's clan not as dys as now appears. Can't wait for the look on QE's mug when a Cesar Chavez-looking sprout hoves into view. She'll nervously ask, "But is it haemophiliac?", then sigh with relief. Coverage starts Saturday 4AM EST.

*My bet is on the obvious: snagging a hot California chick to pass the drab English winters and culture is a coup for Harold, the only kind allowed in the cannibalistic mediocrity of the UK.

greg said...

I guess I am not with it, I missed all of the Markle family drama and tackiness until her father had a heart attack and will have to miss the wedding. People paying attention to it might want a new hobby.