May 28, 2018

Word: The national anthem "disrespect" that is fully allowed by the NFL

Jeffrey Robinson, ACLU - Only one team has said they will stop selling concessions during the anthem. It does not appear that the suspending the selling of beer, hotdogs, banners, and the like was even considered by the group. I guess it is not disrespectful to leave your seat and miss the anthem in order to get a dog and a beer. After all, there is money to be made. And no disrespect is shown by the fans at home who go to the bathroom, grab another beer, or set up the snacks during the anthem. The respect that must be shown must come from the players.

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greg gerritt said...

I think we should prevent the military from advertising on football games becases why is the US government promoting something that leaves so many in need of medical attention, especially the long term issue of head injuries. it would be easy to say the government should not be promoting head injuries and therefore the army no longer advertises on football gamees. And maybe no longer provides color guards or flyovers. it would save the government billions between the ads and the flyovers,