May 7, 2018

Trading in real estate for cash

Kenny K, How to Sell Cocaine -  Remember, as a drug dealer, we get a lot of income, some of us might be earning upwards of $400,000 a month. If this is the case you might be panicking of what to do with your money. You always need about 50% of your money to pay for the product, your workers, and other cash expenses, so you have the other $200,000 just sitting there. Unless your business grows exponentially, that $200,000 isn’t gonna get touched.

Sitting money is the worst thing that you can do. First, it could get stolen and second, it could be put to proper use. If you’re going to buy your first piece of real estate, own a business to buy the real estate. By using real estate companies or other companies, you hide your true identity. Buy a business first, wait a year, cook the books, and buy the house next.

Instead of setting goals such as getting a $100,000, you can set goals like buying 5 houses. You see, if you make it like a game, it’s much easier to reach. If you buy 5 houses, it will also provide you with passive income that you can live off of after you retire the game. Remember, as drug dealers, we cannot sell drugs forever. Think about the future and always prepare yourself for a brighter future.

Jorge Lancerio, Quora - Say you’re a multinational drug kingpin that wants to hide $10 million by buying up a penthouse in San Diego. You have all of this money in cash, but you don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to yourself. You can do what a lot of other seasoned criminals do- set up a series of shell companies to conceal your identity.

You call up a firm in Belize, for example, and you tell them you want to set up Company A. For a fee you’ll receive a certificate of incorporation, minutes of board meetings, and this firm will even give you a list of people to add to your company’s board of directors.

You then set up Company B in another country and arrange for Company A to be its parent. Then you set up company C, D, E, and perhaps you have Companies F and G partner to own company H. You can coordinate this funnel however you choose until you’re satisfied with the results. Once you are, you can open up a bank account using Company H and transfer the $10 million you’ll be using to buy that penthouse in San Diego. Once you’ve purchased it, you hold it for a year or so, and once that period has lapsed, you can sell the property. Just like that, your money is clean. Of course, there are a few other nuances, but that’s the idea.

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