May 12, 2018

Tip to the media

Sam Smith - Washington DC has no swamps. The metaphor used by you all and Donald Trump is an insult to my native city, and one that is superfluous given that the powers that be - whether in the media or politics - already can't even express the slightest concern that the city lacks representation in the US Congress.

In fact, Washington is a town on a couple of rivers and has the sort of marshland that many pay large sums elsewhere to live near. And most of the people who have swamp like characteristics in Washington aren't even from there. So how about a little decency towards the town you take such advantage of?


greg gerritt said...

I am willing to bet that prior to 1700 the palce that is now Washington DC did have swamps, which are simply marshes with trees. Red maple swam,ps are common on the east coast.

AgustinG said...

Sorry, Sam; we meant to say "cesspool."