May 23, 2018

Report alleges Ukraine paid Cohen for meeting with Trump

BBC - Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, received a secret payment of at least $400,000 to fix talks between the Ukrainian president and President Trump, according to sources in Kiev close to those involved.

The payment was arranged by intermediaries acting for Ukraine's leader, Petro Poroshenko, the sources said, though Cohen was not registered as a representative of Ukraine as required by US law.

The meeting at the White House was last June.


Michael Fiorillo said...

Oh, and I guess Putin is behind that one, too?

Guys, if you're going to run around with your hair on fire making all sorts of unproven claims, then at least keep your story straight.

Anonymous said...

Other then folks parroting the lies broadcast on fox news, I don't see anyone running around with their hair on fire. That said, I do see a lot tRumps toadies running around with their pants on fire.