May 20, 2018

New CDC head is strongly anti-gay

Gay Star News - Dr. Robert Redfield is the new head of the United States’ Center for Disease Control.

In the past, Redfield has said the AIDS epidemic was ‘God’s judgment’ against homosexuals He believes its spread through the United States in the 1980s was due to a lack of traditional family values,,,,

Outside of his work for the military, he was involved with Americans for a Sound AIDS/HIV Policy . ASAP is a Christian organization led by W. Shepherd Smith Jr. that promotes mandatory testing of HIV and quarantining those who are HIV positive.

Redfield penned the intro to Shepherd’s 1990 book, Christians in the Age of AIDS. He wrote:

‘It is time to reject the temptation of denial of the AIDS/HIV crisis; to reject false prophets who preach the quick-fix strategies of condoms and free needles; to reject those who preach prejudice; and to reject those who try to replace God as judge. The time has come for the Christian community — members and leaders alike — to confront the epidemic.’

In the early 1990s, ASAP and Redfield supported H.R. 2788, a house bill by extremely Conservative Representative William Dannemeyer. This bill would have subjected people to mandatory HIV testing and loss of professional licenses if the results came back positive. The bill never passed.

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