May 15, 2018

Moving beyond Trump

Sam Smith – I apologize for not writing in a more interesting fashion about our president but he is painfully predictable, repetitive, and simplistic. The media, unable to find anything else of interest going on in the United States, simulates him in its coverage, also predictable, repetitive and simplistic. Besides, how does one write with subtlety about a tiger that is at your neck, or compose a sonnet as you are falling down a well? How do you scream differently every day?

What a far cry from, say, Barack Obama who offered such complexities as being half black and half Harvard Law School. And who pushed measures like Obamacare -  one third good, one third bad, and one third totally unpredictable. 

Trump is not only evil, greedy, and dumb, he is painfully dull. Once you have grasped his nature he is like a traffic jam that never ends. Even his wife stands beside him as emotionless as a Secret Service agent. 

I am trying to write less about Trump and leave the true remaining excitement of his story to Robert Mueller and the New York US Attorney. Instead, I am trying to tell what’s going on with over 300 million other Americans, either as a result of our government or their own choices and perceptions. Let CNN and MSNBC tell you how Trump repeated his Mafioso madness in the last 24 hours.  

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