May 10, 2018

38 colleges have more students from the top 1 percent than the bottom 60 percent. Check out yours


Anonymous said...

There are thousands of colleges. What's your point?

And Sam, didn't you go to Harvard? White, Ivy League, cis, heterosexual. Are you feeling guilty? Is that what all this virtue signaling is about?

Anonymous said...

The person above must've played entitled liberal bingo in order to be able to string together that many identity micro-aggressions in a row. Good job!

You didn't, perchance, vote for Hilary too, did you, you cheeky monkey! :)

Anonymous said...

What 3:37PM said, except:
- "thousands of colleges" makes the linked article even more salient; of the more than 4,600 degree-granting institutions, less than 1% are drawing the 1%. In what way is this unclear?
- attempting to use terms like "cis" and "heterosexual" as modes of attack is a declaration of political bankruptcy.
- regardless, a pile of labels is not an argument.

Anonymous said...

Its meaningless statistics that paint the wealthiest one percent as some colluding cabal up to... something. But what? What's the conspiracy here? What is the point in noting that .82% of schools have an over representation from 1% of the population? That seems like a totally dry, meaningless number without any context. It's two-minutes-hate nonsense.

And why can't Sam explain the thesis clearly since he is exactly a product of the very pinnacle of these organizations with exactly the demographic of the oppressive? By many definitions, he is "the man". He posted it. It clearly means something to him. And he's often remarkably eloquent for a lefty; quite capable of vertical thinking. Not this bullshit lateral thinking where you just make statements designed to envoke feelings in place of actual argument. That's what the post was. "Ooh, the rich aren't sending their kids to school with exactly the demographic spread equality demands. That upsets me! Feel this lunatic sense of outrage with me!"

Unless I'm totally wrong. But how are we to know?