April 7, 2018

Young Jews stand against Israel's Gaza killings

Mondoweiss = Outside the New York office of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) on April 4, the anti-occupation network If Not Now called out the Jewish “liberal” establishment’s resounding silence regarding the murder of seventeen Palestinian young men by Israeli snipers less than a week ago.

Roughly seventy five members of If Not Now and a smattering of non-members and supporters marched across Lexington Avenue to 633 Third Ave, the location of URJ’s office.

The killings occurred just as Passover was beginning last Friday. Gabriel Briel Lehrman, an If Not Now New York spokesperson explained what he saw as an explicit connection with Passover.

While “the protest in Gaza was happening and when the protesters were being killed, I was preparing for my own Passover Seder,” Briel Lehrman told Mondoweiss. It resonated because Israel was shooting live ammunition at a population under its bondage, “while I was happening to celebrate this time of becoming liberated and celebrating this time for freedom.” 

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Guillermo Calvo Mahe said...

As always, it is critical to note the difference between Jews and Zionists.