April 2, 2018

World Psychiatric Association bans participation in torture

Mad in America - The World Psychiatric Association recently released a statement banning psychiatrists from participating in interrogation procedures. .. This statement comes two years after the Hoffman Report was released, which outlined how the American Psychological Association colluded with the US government to conduct torture. The WPA cited the Madrid Declaration, first approved in 1996, which explicitly states psychiatrists should not participate in any mental or physical torture. They also review that psychiatrists are physicians bound by the Hippocratic Oath “never to do harm.”


Matt said...

Amazing. They have to issue a policy telling their members that "torture" is not permissable. I'm an atheist and I know that.

Anonymous said...

Having mental-health credentials is a big source of power, and psychopaths all seek power. The saddening/sickening/frightening part is that the professional societies have no defence against letting psychopaths get credentialed, though they damned well should.