April 24, 2018

Why do so many believe Trump's lies?


Anonymous said...

I think the reason is that Trump supporters are just smarter and better education than Hillary supporters. They're more mature, more knowledgeable about the way works, and better able to judge peoples' characters, something that comes with life experience. As better educated and better informed people they were more aware of Hillary's records, and in particular of her long record of constantly lying. Anyone who has taken the time to look closely at her past knows that she has virtually never told the truth. Never. So, even if Trump constantly lies, he still comes across as someone with more integrity than her.

Sad that people keep trying to find something wrong with Trump supporters, when at this point people ought to be focusing on what's wrong with Hillary supporters, and why these people simply were not able to view her objectively and see her for the fraud that she was (and is).

MAMADOC said...

You assume that those who would not vote for Hillary somehow wanted Trump in there. At least half of those who did not vote, like yours truly, did not want to be conned into voting for Hillary in order to avvoid Trump. But to say that Trumpists have a higher level of education than do Democrats generally is considerable distorted. The base is equally ignorant on both sides... the highest competence going by and large to those who have given up on the political party system! Like yours truly as well!!

Matt said...

I think that this particular version of 'Anonymous' is a troll. Surely no one is dense enough to publish such tripe as a defense of him and critique of her. They both seem to be accused of lying but his is...... and, hers isn't... WTF?