April 2, 2018

Serial adulterer Trump pushing chastity only education

Intercept - The federal government began funding so-called Abstinence-Only Until Marriage programs in 1981 as a way to encourage “chastity” and “self-discipline.” Since then, the feds have poured more than $2 billion into this strategy — commonly known as “ab-only” — without any proven positive effects, like delaying sexual activity or avoiding unintended pregnancy. In recent years, that funding had been in decline, in part because research — and practical experiences like Wiley’s — shows that the programs do not work. But in an ironic twist, they’re now making a comeback. Trump, an alleged serial adulterer who has bragged about sexually assaulting women and has been accused of such behavior close to two dozen times, has asked that abstinence funding be increased. And in the budget deal he signed last month, he got his wish, enough to bring total spending on abstinence up to $100 million for 2018.

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Anonymous said...

Chastity only programs depend on the ignorance of the student. They don't give students the information they need to make intelligent decisions about their own bodies or sexuality. These programs don't teach or encourage young women who are sexually assaulted to report the crime and get a rape kit done, instead the rape is blamed on the victim. Chastity only "education" appears that it's designed for the development of a perpetual victim pool for abusers like tRump.