April 30, 2018

Poll finds Millennials losing support for Democrats

Reuters - Enthusiasm for the Democratic Party is waning among young voters - so-called millennials - as its candidates head into the crucial midterm congressional elections, according to the Reuters/Ipsos national opinion poll.

The online survey of more than 16,000 registered voters ages 18 to 34 shows their support for Democrats over Republicans for Congress slipped by about 9 percentage points over the past two years, to 46 percent overall. And they increasingly say the Republican Party is a better steward of the economy.

Although nearly two of three young voters polled said they do not like Republican President Donald Trump, their distaste for him does not necessarily extend to all Republicans or translate directly into votes for Democratic congressional candidates.


Anonymous said...

I'm outside that age range by 10 yrs and the real question is, "What have dems done in 15 months since President* Cheeto Sweat took office to earn enthusiasm?" Don't assume because you're NOT Trump and the Repugs that you have my vote.

Anonymous said...

Enthusiasm is not a healthy response to any political party. The way American politics works is the parties are held hostage to democratic movement demands. The issue of campaign finance reform would democratize the system on a demand that Congress overturn Buckley v. Valeo. This reforms the corrupt Congress directly. Whoever gets elected by such a money out of politics movement would have only one job, to stop the money flowing into the criminally corrupt parties. Our oligarchy is sustained not by big government per se but rather by the partisan moneyhandlers who process the bribes.