April 8, 2018

Media vastly out reports Muslim violence cases

Intercept -Cases of attempted violence by Muslims received 7 1/2 times more coverage from major media outlets, while successful plots were covered twice as much.

These findings are contained in a new report, titled “Equal Treatment? Measuring the Legal and Media Responses to Ideologically Motivated Violence in the United States,” released on Thursday by the Washington-based Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, or ISPU. Built on years of research on cases of planned or successfully executed acts of ideological violence in the U.S., the report highlights glaring discrepancies in the way the judicial system and media treat such acts, depending on the background of the suspected perpetrator.

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Anonymous said...

Their violence is just so "front page ready". Shooting up concerts full of little girls, running rape gangs that rack up thousands of victims, and who could forget the "trucks of peace"? Oh, and acid attacks! These crimes are just so perversely sexy. How could the newspapers resist?