April 20, 2018

Democrats need some new potential presidential candidates

Sam Smith - The three top rated presidential candidates among Democrats have one common problem. They'd have a hard time winning. Two - Biden and Sanders - are in their seventies and Elizabeth Warren is a wonderful member of the Senate but is more like a fine teacher than someone who would swing votes in a presidential election.

Any of the three would be immensely better than the current president, but what the Demcrats don't seem to realize is that change this time is not only going to be political  but generational. To win the Democrats have to excite younger Americans.

One name I've been tossing out has been Rep. Joe Kennedy III - not because he is necessarily the right choice but he is an example of what the Democrats should be looking for. The Democrats - who seem to have forgotten about issues other than being justifiably mad at Republicans - only have a short time to discover some appealing issues and candidates. Playing the old game is not likely to work.

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Thomas Day said...

I think you are skipping over the real problem in American politics. You seem to believe Democrats are a corporation that hires politicians for various tasks, like the Republicans. We all know why Republicans go into politics: money and power. All of the Democratic candidates you just named clearly put themselves through the garbage disposal we call our "elections" because they felt some kind of obligation to the people who elected them and a political system that used to resemble democracy. That no longer exists in the USA and getting decent people to submit themselves to our despicable media and the abuse from the various money interests will only get harder. It's true that people get the government they deserve and the American public absolutely deserves Trump, Ryan, and Turtleman.