April 22, 2018

Bernie forces seeking end to Democratic super delegates

Buzzfeed -A top Bernie Sanders official is asking Democratic leaders, including Hillary Clinton, to sign a draft letter recommitting to vastly shrinking or effectively eliminating the party’s controversial “superdelegates” system — and ultimately changing the presidential nominating process.

The effort to make Democratic primaries more fair — a process that has spanned two years, two committees, and dozens of arcane rules about how to make changes to the rules — is nearing its long-awaited end. Next month, the party’s Rules & Bylaws Committee convenes to begin drafting the final language that DNC members will or will not approve in a vote this summer.

At stake is the future of “superdelegates,” the 700 or so party leaders entitled to cast votes as “unpledged delegates” for the candidate of their choosing.


Anonymous said...

That is the first of many steps that the Democrats need to take to reform that party into something worthwhile.

MAMADOC said...

The party system that accompanies an illegitimate type of "democracy" must be overcome; but, it would help, in the meantime (while we organize for a true democracy with open elections in which most people will be able to vote one way or the other) to get rid of the element in the party's procedures that allows for such inadmissable super-delegates to discard more reliable candidates than the one they selected, thereby giving greater thrust to the most illegitimate candidate in view...