April 3, 2018

ACLU calls on cities to build their own broadband networks

The Hill -The ACLU is calling on cities across the country to build their own public municipal broadband networks to help preserve net neutrality after the Federal Communications Commission repealed the open internet rules.

In a report, the civil liberties group argued that in the absence of the FCC’s rules cities could give residents an alternative to private service providers who will soon no longer be required to treat all web traffic equally.

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Anonymous said...

Except that many (most?) state legislatures, bought by the same few owners of the inet backbone, have disallowed publicly-owned competition. And it's quite expensive to do, unless everyone started with a wireless net and gradually built out with fiber.

Of course, if people were willing to do the donkey work pro bono, that could make all the difference. Unless the unions got outraged by the idea, which they shortsightedly might.