March 5, 2018

Word: The 'experts' the media likes

Ralph Nader - Whether it is NPR, PBS, the network news programs, the Sunday news interview shows and too often the New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press and the Wall Street Journal their interviewees are the defenders of the status quo or those with corporatists’ viewpoints.

These news outlets seem oblivious to the blatant economic conflicts of interest inherent in groups such as the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and professors who moonlight with corporations. These interviewees have economic and ideological axes to grind that are not disclosed to the general viewers, listeners and readers, when they are merely described as “experts.”


greg gerritt said...

And all their speakers on militaryaffairs and foreign policy are professional killers. They never give air time to those who would point out how stupid war is.

Anonymous said...

Why would corporate media not promote the status quo? Because two centuries ago we once had a free press? To the extent Nader is not silenced, he is used as an example of token acceptable free speech. But public opinion has no effect on government policy. Nader never became Sen. Nader from which position he might have made more of an impact in recent decades.