March 30, 2018

Trumpites having a hard time getting laid in DC

Slate - A recent article in the Washingtonian details one of the most tragic struggles of our time: Conservatives living and dating in Washington, D.C. can’t get laid. It should come as no surprise that liberals living next door to the Trump administration in a district that overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton might not want to go out with their local MAGA-ite neighbor—and yet somehow conservatives are both surprised and hurt. “A lot of times you’ll connect with someone [on an app] and they’ll Google you, find out you worked for Trump’s campaign, and then it’s pretty much all downhill from there,” said one Trump administration official in the story. So much for the tolerant left! 

They are some truly amazing victim-mentality tidbits in the piece, like the fact that a reporter at a right-wing media outlet won’t even put his employer—who I can only assume is Breitbart or Fox News—on his profile because the stigma of accepting a check every other week from an institution that consistently traffics in xenophobic conspiracy theories is too strong.

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