March 20, 2018

The suspicious McCabe firing

Sam Smith - There is not enough available information to provide justification for the immediate firing of Andrew McCabe. One long time justice Department official who had been involved in scores of similar cases said that he had never seen one handled so abruptly.  And the NY Times reports that:
That is one of the big unknowns. F.B.I. disciplinary matters can drag out for extended periods, and it is not uncommon for officials to retire during that process. That did not happen here, and it is not clear why. The workings of the F.B.I.’s disciplinary office are kept confidential.
Mr. McCabe’s lawyers say they were given little time to read and respond to the final report and were still receiving new evidence two days before his firing. Why the rush, they ask, if not to make sure that Mr. McCabe was fired?
“This concerted effort to accelerate the process, in order to beat the ticking clock of his scheduled retirement, violates any sense of decency and basic principles of fairness,” [McCabe lawyer Michael] Bromwich said.
 In short, we do not know what McCabe did wrong, but that the way his case was handled was highly suspicious.


Anonymous said...

Power of the purse perhaps? A subtle lesson for those who might cross Trump? Best we make pensions vested on a sliding scale basis NATIOANLLY for EVERYONE, so that when one is 98% into a 20 year retirement vesting period, one still retains 98% of his pension if fired a few days before it fully vests.

AgustinG said...

Yeah, or...