March 27, 2018

Meanwhile. . .

Donald Trump’s Interior Secretary reportedly told staff he will not focus on diversity because it “isn’t important”. Ryan Zinke’s comments were said to have upset many people within the Interior Department, three high-ranking officials told CNN. The sources, from three different divisions of the department, all said he made similar remarks such as “diversity isn’t important”, “I don’t care about diversity” and “I don’t really think that’s important anymore”.

Oregon middle schoolers fighting for net neutrality. 

Student members of the Palestine Solidarity Alliance at Hunter College recently made public their proposed 'Resolution Demanding CUNY to Adopt a Socially Responsible Investment Policy,' a landmark first step towards pressuring the City University of New York to end its ties with US companies complicit in Israel's ongoing violations of Palestinian human rights.

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Anonymous said...

The "protest" the school "allowed" the kids to have was on campus after school a month after the FFC head voted against net neutrality. The school in question does not front on any major road. At the far back of the school it sits on a secondary feeder road to other arterials, but not much of a place to make an impression. I am outraged at how the school took a real urge to protest and make a difference in the world, and crushed it into a school sanctioned pep rally to keep the students from knowing that protesting makes an impression and can work. The school principle has a lot to answer for with that.

Kudos to the girls who have the family support to make it to the statehouse to talk to legislators.