March 1, 2018

Jared Kushner meets with lenders at White House. . . They give him huge loans

Salon -The New York Times reported that two massive loans were given to Kushner's real estate firm, Kushner Companies, after he met with their chief executives at the White House.

Joshua Harris, a founder of Apollo Global Management, advised the Trump administration on infrastructure policy and met with Kushner on several occasions. There were talks about Harris even being gifted a White House job, but it never came to fruition, the Times noted. However, Harris lent Kushner's family firm, of which Kushner still has majority interest, $184 million.

The loan was one of the largest received by Kushner; however, that was quickly topped by Citigroup after Kushner had several meeting with chief executive Michael L. Corbat. The multinational investment bank lent Kushner "$325 million to help finance a group of office buildings in Brooklyn."

"This is exactly why senior government officials, for as long back as I have any experience, don’t maintain any active outside business interests," Don Fox the former acting director of the Office of Government Ethics under Obama told the Times. "The appearance of conflicts of interest is simply too great."

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