March 31, 2018

A Medicare plan for all


KZeese said...

This is not a Medicare for All plan. It is the corporatist think tank of the Democratic Party trying to stop national improved Medicare for all. This is a plan to protect the insurance industry. They actually call it Medicare Extra for All, which means a public option. The plan is to allow people to buy into Medicare. It is not to end the private insurance industry. What makes single payer work is having one payer. Right now one-third of the cost of healthcare is due to the bureaucracy created by hundreds of insurance plans and by the cost of the for-profit insurance industry. The Center for American Progress is funded by the insurance industry. They see the movement for single payer gaining stream and this is their way of protecting the status quo. They steal our language to fool people. Undernews has been fooled. See for a better analysis of this fraud.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment, K Zeese - I will read the analysis you recommend and share the link around! Wanted you to know your effort to educate did not go unnoticed!