February 2, 2018

Three ways the mass media does Trump's work for him

Sam Smith
    1. It gives massively more air time to his speeches and news conferences than it does to Democratic leaders

    2. It broadcasts known lies without providing the truth at the time of the broadcast. It wouldn't do this with any other known habitual liar.

    3. It falls for Republican PR gimmicks such as the delayed release of a GOP House memo which, regardless of what this political document contains, is treated as massively important and discussed endlessly on TV. As Anderson Cooper wisely put it:
    We should point out the document in question is not some bipartisan of fact by the partisan committee, it appears it will be something of a press release. Something let out under the intelligence committee membership, chaired, of course, by Congressman Devin Nunes.

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    Anonymous said...

    The mass media doesn't work for Trump, it works for the ruling oligarchy, who happen to be using Trump as a puppet.