February 27, 2018

State attorneys general have taken numerous actions to stop Trump attack on environment

Washington Examiner  -  A coalition that supports state attorneys general opposing the Trump administration's rollback of environmental regulations says the top lawyers in mostly progressive states have taken at least 80 actions in the past year to challenge those moves.

The State Energy & Environment Impact Center published a report documenting the actions of state attorneys general who have used a variety of tactics to challenge the Trump administration as it seeks to delay or repeal a number of Obama-era environmental regulations.

"This report makes clear the outsized role state attorneys general are playing in advancing and defending progressive policies, regulations and values pertaining to environmental protection, the causes and impacts of a changing climate and the development of a clean energy economy," said David J. Hayes, executive director of the State Energy and Environment Impact Center. "State attorneys general are upholding the rule of law and stopping unlawful actions dead in their tracks at the courthouse."

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