February 2, 2018

SF Attorney General clears 3,000 minor marijuana charges

Salon -Thousands of people convicted of misdemeanor marijuana offenses since 1975 will have their records cleared, San Francisco's district attorney announced.

This groundbreaking move comes after California's Proposition 64 passed this year, legalizing recreational marijuana use, reducing criminal penalties and allowing those with past low-level marijuana convictions to petition for expungement.

But District Attorney George Gascón decided to alter a process that places the onus on individuals to clear their records rather than the government, whose laws have changed. He announced that his office will retroactively apply the rights entitled in Proposition 64 and dismiss and seal 3,038 misdemeanor convictions prior to the law's enactment. He also said he would review, recall and re-sentence criminal penalties for 4,940 felony marijuana convictions.

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