February 17, 2018

Second congressional campaign unionizes

Intercept -  Wisconsin Democrat Randy Bryce’s campaign workers shocked the political world when they became the first congressional campaign to announce that they had unionized. The candidate went even further, saying he would welcome not only his campaign staff unionizing, but would back Congressional staff doing so as well.

The organizing drive was led by the Campaign Workers Guild, a group of former campaign workers who are working with campaigns nationwide.

Now, a second congressional campaign has announced that it, too, unionized.

That campaign is Jess King’s in the 16th District of Pennsylvania. She’s one of four Democrats who are competing in a May 2018 primary, the subject of a recent Intercept article on Democratic primaries between progressive and centrist Democrats. King startled longtime Pennsylvania politicos by relying on small-dollars to out-fundraise her opponent in the final quarter of 2017.

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