February 20, 2018

Record breaking number of women running for Congress

NPR - At latest count, 431 women were running for or were likely to run for the House nationwide — 339 Democrats and 92 Republicans. At this point in 2016, there were fewer than half that: 212. Likewise, 50 women are running for or likely to run for Senate, compared to 25 at this point in 2016. Many have not officially filed for office yet — filing deadlines have not occurred yet in many states. But thus far, this year is on track to break records.


Anonymous said...

It will be an experiment with an "ethic of care" legislature. We'll see how that turns out.

Bill Hicks said...

Great--no doubt we'll soon have plenty of new Sarah Palins, Michelle Bachmanns and Virginia Foxes to worry about--to say nothing of Hillary Clinton. If women ran the world they'd do just as bad a job as men, they would just act more smug and superior while doing it.