February 16, 2018

Poll finds young Californian Jews not warm towards Israel

Mondoweiss - The latest study of U.S. Jewish attitudes towards Israel only confirms the trend:  Zionism is tanking;  there is growing indifference to the idea of a Jewish state among younger, unaffiliated Jews.

Here’s that survey of over 3500 Bay Area Californians, 96 percent of whom consider themselves Jewish or partly Jewish, released by the Jewish Federation in the Bay Area.

When 18-34 year olds are asked if they’re “very attached” to Israel, only 11 percent say yes, compared to 25 percent of those 50 and older. Is a Jewish state very important? 37 percent of the young say yes. Only 40 percent of the young are “comfortable with the idea of a Jewish state.”

Ask the same questions among those 50-64, and the numbers are, 61 percent regard a Jewish state as very important, and 64 percent are comfortable with the idea of a Jewish state. Zionism is age-related, of course: Over 65, that number is 73 percent comfortable with the idea of a Jewish state.

Other tidbits: Among 18-34-year-olds, the intermarriage rate is a whopping 66 percent, compared to 42 percent of those over 65.

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