February 13, 2018

NYT CEO: Print media may have anoher ten years

CNBC -The newspaper printing presses may have another decade of life in them, New York Times CEO Mark Thompson told CNBC .

"I believe at least 10 years is what we can see in the U.S. for our print products," Thompson said on "Power Lunch." He said he'd like to have the print edition "survive and thrive as long as it can," but admitted it might face an expiration date.

"The key thing for us is that we're pivoting," Thompson said. "Our plan is to go on serving our loyal print subscribers as long as we can. But meanwhile to build up the digital business, so that we have a successful growing company and a successful news operation long after print is gone."

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AgustinG said...

And yet small town newspapers seem to be doing fine. Maybe it's not the Internet; maybe it's the content of the big city, conservative-owned, biased newspapers.