February 8, 2018

Jobless claims near 45 year low

Reuters - The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell last week, dropping to its lowest level in nearly 45 years as the labor market tightened further, bolstering expectations of faster wage growth this year. The second straight weekly decline in claims reported by the Labor Department also pointed to strong job growth momentum, which could further drive the unemployment rate lower.


Bill Hicks said...

I don't get it--by highlighting this story, do you actually BELIEVE these BS statistics that don't count the many millions who have permanently dropped out of the labor force out of frustration, or are you TRYING to give aid and comfort to Trump and the Republicans?

AgustinG said...

Because once your unemployment benefits end, you aren't claiming them any more. Doesn't mean you still don't have a job, just means you don't get counted any more.