February 15, 2018

How Bronx court handles opioid addiction cases

Bronx District Attorney  - District Attorney Clark said her Alternatives to Incarceration Bureau and other trained Assistant District Attorneys will offer defendants charged with seventh - degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance  the opportunity to take part in [the overdose and recovery program] . In addition to linking defendants with intensive treatment, Bronx Community Solutions will offer job training, housing and other needed services. Those who are assessed as high - risk of overdose and accept the program will have their cases adjourned to one of two specialized drug court parts with prosecution of the case withdrawn pending the OAR outcome. Participants who meaningfully engage in and fulfill treatment will, upon consent of the Court, have their cases dismissed and sealed, eliminating the burden of a criminal record. There are no penalties for defendants who forego the use of OAR and their cases will move ahead in the criminal court process.

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