February 17, 2018

Gun owners are not the NRA

Sam Smith -As noted here before, one of the main reasons  we don't have better gun laws is that liberals have gone it alone on issue instead of building alliances with rational  gun owners. Gun owners are not the NRA as a recent CBS poll shows.

For example:
  • 56% of gun owners do not believe gun control supporters are trying to take away traditions and a way of life.
  • 55% of gun owners do not believe gun control supporters are trying to take away all guns.
  • 60% think gun control supporters are promoting public safety and lower gun deaths for everyone.
  • 43% of gun owners think the NRA is too extreme in its positions.
  • 55% of gun owners disapprove of the way the NRA handles the debate.
  • 54% of gun owners are concerned about the possibility of gun violence at their children's school
  • On a scale of one to five, with the latter representing pro-control 42%  of gun owners place themselves at 4 or 5.
In short, the image projected by liberals and the media of gun owners is markedly wrong. They should recognize that the view of these owners is quite varied and start to work with hunters and other owners who favor a rational approach.

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Catherine Del Masso said...

That poll also offers this terrifying tidbit: "Half (51 percent) of America's gun owners believe mass shootings are unfortunately something we have to accept in a free society".

It'd be difficult to form an effective coalition to combat mass shootings with gun owners when apparently most of them think these deaths are normal.