February 4, 2018

Globally, more women being imprisoned than ever before

Nation -  Globally, women and girls are getting locked up at historic rates. While overall imprisonment rates have plateaued or declined in many countries, the number of women and girls in prison has surged. According to a new analysis .... since 2000, there has been a 53 percent leap in the imprisonment of women and girls.

Compared to their male counterparts, women are more often incarcerated for minor and nonviolent crimes, typically involving property or drug-related charges. The population of women and girls in prison is rising faster overall than general population growth, which rose about 21 percent over the same time period. In the United States in particular, though the overall imprisonment rates have stabilized, the number of women in prison has skyrocketed, so that of the global total of 714,000 imprisoned women and girls, some 212,000 are locked up in this country.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, women SHOULD be getting locked up at higher rates if we're striving for equality. As things are, women have an unearned privilege when it comes to sentencing.

Anonymous said...

The "unearned privilege" you speak of is caused by the type of crimes women engage in. Women are mainly imprisoned for nonviolent crimes, and while plenty of men end up in prison for nonviolent crimes, men are more frequently responsible for violent crimes than women.

Anonymous said...

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Women are given lighter sentences for the same crimes. And as far as being less violent, that's only true with a caveat. Women are plenty violent when they're stronger than their victims. Did you know that lesbians are often abusive and violent towards one another? No man necessary. And on top of that, women often contract out their violence so they don't have to bear the responsibility.

Whether or not you think it's true/right/just, we have all collectively decided that women simply aren't as responsible for their behavior as men. They couch it in language about care giving responsibilities and other such nonsense. But it's just that women remind us too much of children.

There is a 60% sentencing discount just for being a woman.

Anonymous said...

Actually, although the data shows that females are somewhat more often violent than males, the effect of male violence is far more harmful. Few adult females put their adult-male victims into the hospital or morgue, but the same cannot be said of the adult-female victims of adult males.