February 12, 2018

Department of Good Stuff: Local Progress

Local Progress - Since last summer when many of us gathered in Austin, Local Progress members remained at the forefront of efforts to defend and protect our communities and to develop local progressive policies that strengthen our communities. Here in Minneapolis, we became the first city in the Midwest to pass a $15 minimum wage, and the second to pass paid sick leave; we also passed legislation to create an Office of Racial Equity.

More than 50 cities have passed welcoming or sanctuary city resolutions in defiance of the federal government’s attempts to tear apart and criminalize our immigrant communities. Several cities, including San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Tacoma and others, have created legal defense funds for their immigrant communities.

City efforts are not just limited to defensive actions and fighting back. They are also expanding rights, defending democracy, and taking steps to preserve our planet for future generations. Albany Councilmember Dorcey Applyrs led a successful effort to pass groundbreaking legislation requiring police to provide identification during routine stops. In Austin, an effort led by community organizations and Councilmember Greg Casar will make Austin the first Southern city to have a paid sick days ordinance. Just earlier this month, the DC Councilmembers including Charles Allen, Elissa Silverman and Brianne Nadeau unanimously passed a fair elections campaign finance bill. And New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio just announced the city will divest from big oil and sue major fossil fuel companies for their ongoing contamination of the environment. San Francisco is similarly considering divestment, and many other cities with Local Progress members are launching their own lawsuits.

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