January 13, 2018

Word:The man who runs your country

Donald Trump, Wall Street Journal interview - Just – and so – so I was successful, successful, successful. I was always the best athlete, people don’t know that. But I was successful at everything I ever did and then I run for president, first time -- first time, not three times, not six times. I ran for president first time and lo and behold, I win. And then people say oh, is he a smart person? I’m smarter than all of them put together, but they can’t admit it. They had a bad year.


Del Masso said...

Trump's lying about that.
He ran for President in 2000 as well. He failed in his attempt to become the Reform party nominee.


AgustinG said...

Your headline is incorrect in its referral to tRump: he is the man who is pretending to run our country. Or maybe you just left the letter "i" out of "run"?