January 29, 2018

TrumpTower meeting Russian connection now targeted in Swiss court case

Daily Beast -Natalia Veselnitskaya, who organized the notorious Trump Tower meeting, has been named in an explosive Swiss court case about bribery, corruption, and double-agents.

The Moscow operation behind the now-infamous Russian-Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 included a direct attempt to enlist a foreign country’s law-enforcement official as a virtual double-agent, according to a court case in Switzerland.

One of Switzerland’s top investigators has been fired after allegations of bribery, violating secrecy laws, and “unauthorized clandestine behavior” in meeting with the very same Russian actors linked to the Trump Tower encounter.

Details of the explosive case have been published by investigative reporters for the Tribune de Genève and Tages-Anzeiger newspapers in Switzerland. The officer, identified only as Victor K., traveled to Moscow—against the expressed wishes of his superiors—where he spoke to Natalia Veselnitskaya, the lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner at Trump Tower.

The meeting was reportedly set up by Russian Deputy Attorney General Saak Albertovich Karapetyan—from the same rogue department that was apparently responsible for offering intel on Hillary Clinton to be shared at the Trump Tower meeting and the Kremlin’s further plots to influence U.S. politics.

The reports, which are based on Swiss court papers, describe how K. was lured to Moscow during a call from Karapetyan before Christmas 2016. He was told not to go by his boss, ostensibly because he was working too much overtime, but he made the trip anyway, using his diplomatic passport to fly to the Russian capital. There, he was put up in a luxury hotel and asked to attend an unexpected meeting with Veselnitskaya.

In the case against K.—who had been entrusted with investigating the Swiss financial arrangements of the Russian mafia and oligarchs for decades—it emerged that he had previously met Karapetyan in Geneva and Zurich, as well as Russia “without the knowledge of his superiors.”


Anonymous said...

We're all just dying to hear your coverage and commentary of Obama-Spygate.

One of the biggest stories (if not the biggest) of government political corruption in US history. This scandal is what Watergate wanted to be but was not even close to being.

The candidate of one party, the party in power, used its influence to get the current POTUS administration to use doctored manufactured opposition research to give it official credibility and use it as a justification for spying on the opposing campaign and its principals AND the collusion of federal law enforcement to abuse their authority to investigate the opposing candidate before and after an election to both try to affect its outcome and then damage and remove the winning candidate who became POTUS.

That's a lot of criminal violations including TREASON. Yes, a little known crime hardly ever prosecuted in the age of globalism.

"Treason never prospers, what's the reason?
For if it prospers, none dare call it treason."

Anonymous said...

Obama was so discrete his crimes have yet to be detected. He fiddled while the atmosphere burned on carbon, played the grand game against Russia, decivilized Libya etc., extended the empire, and acquiesced in fake FEMA drills. Predictably he will be rated far too highly just because he didn't sweat the small stuff, like Health Care, Cuba and Iran. This is in the LBJ tradition, who is remembered for civil rights but at the price of entrenching a military dictatorship.