January 27, 2018

Trump's military budget 37% above Obama's

This despite the fact that America's greatest military threat is Trump himself

Washington's Blog -  The Washington Post headlined, “Trump plans to ask for $716 billion for national defense in 2019 — a major increase”, and reported that when President Trump had entered the White House in January 2017, the ‘Defense’ budget was $521 billion, but that President Trump will propose in his upcoming State-of-the-Union speech, a 2019 ‘Defense’ budget of $716 billion, which, if it becomes law, would mean a 37% increase, above Obama’s last Pentagon budget (for 2017).


Anonymous said...

Well, sure. But also bullshit.

How much higher was Obama's war spending than some possibly sane standard? Various supplemental spending plus whatever it costs to open two new fronts isn't chicken feed.

The proper framing is "Trump exceeds even Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama's Bloated War Spending."

Bill Hicks said...

Let's not forget that THIS year's huge increase in war spending passed through with overwhelming Dumbocrat support--and no doubt next year's will as well.