January 21, 2018

Trump regime allows doctors and hospitals to deny service to transgendered

Boston Globe -This week, officials said they would allow medical professionals and institutions who claim religious objections to deny coverage to transgender people and other individuals.

To be clear, the administration isn’t talking about protecting doctors who don’t want to provide gender reassignment services or abortions, controversial procedures some individuals oppose on sincere religious grounds.

Instead, the sweeping move, announced by the Department of Health and Human Services, appears to open the way for a doctor or nurse to turn away a transgender individual with a broken arm — for no other reason than by their gender identity.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything that could not be justified on the basis of a religious objection? This seems like a permission slip to violate the Hippocratic oath.

Anonymous said...

Not comment on this article but an article that I thought might interest you, Sam:

Waiting for spring? New US warship trapped in icy Montreal waterway.


greg gerritt said...

Maybe we shall find a doctor who refuses treatment to orange haired monsters on religious grounds.

On a more serious note, Hospitals used to refuse to treat people of color, and that is he who shall not be named modus operandi