January 24, 2018

Recovered history: New info on Rudolph Hess

Daily Mail, UK -Fascinating final pictures of Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess have been found and put on sale along with a note to his son about his mysterious flight to Britain to try to end the war.

The never-before-seen images show the former deputy Fuhrer as a frail and elderly man in the grounds of the infamous Spandau Prison.

Hess spent 41 years in the West Berlin jail after the war, when he was convicted of crimes against peace and sentenced to life behind bars.

The Nazi hanged himself aged 93 in 1987 in the summer house that had been built for him in the grounds.



Anonymous said...

Hess should not have spent time in prison.

That he did, and for so long, shows the cruelty of the allies.

He risked his life to end WWII, which made him the enemy of Hitler, his previous friend.

Anonymous said...


He should have received something like the same appreciation the Allies gave the few surviving 20th July plotters.

Most of the plotters, e.g. von Stauffenberg, weren't especially noble or forward looking -- they wanted to be rid of Hitler, but only so that the trad right-wing aristocracy could return to power.