January 12, 2018

Polls: Dreamers, Biden leads Dems, North Korea, Georiga

79 percent of voters say Dreamers should stay in US 
The Hill - According to the survey conducted by the University of Georgia’s School of Public and International Affairs, only 36.7 percent of respondents in the state approve of the job Trump is doing in office, compared with 58.7 percent who do not. Trump beat out Hillary Clinton in Georgia in 2016 by more than 200,000 votes.

In a survey out this week from the University of Maryland, just 33 percent of Americans supports military action to stop North Korea’s nuclear program. That’s far lower than the consistent majority who were in favor of a ground war to remove Saddam Hussein from power in the lead-up to the Iraq War.1

Former vice president Joe Biden is more popular than Oprah Winfrey and other Democratic presidential candidates, a poll ahead of the 2020 election has found. The survey of 345 registered Democrats, carried out by RABA Research, found Mr Biden leading among voters with 26% support. Bernie Sanders came in second, receiving support from 21% of those polled. Winfrey received 20% support, putting her in third place ahead of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

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