January 21, 2018

Percent of union workers low and unchanged

The Hill -New figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday show 10.7 percent of American workers are members of a labor union, unchanged from a year before.

Since 1983, the first year in which the Bureau collected labor union data as part of its Current Population Survey, union membership has declined by almost half. That year, 20.1 percent of American workers were members of a union.

Today, just over a third of public-sector workers are union members, compared with just 6.5 percent of private sector workers.

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Anonymous said...

Ever so slowly global third world economy is developing.

Rememeber the west won the cold war?

Anyone remember when first world economy emerged in the west and know why? Why is first world economy in danger in these times?

Odds of a new dark age forming up is high, do you know why?

Why is the leaders in the west acting so crazy these days?

A tidbit, elite ran socialism of today is rabid divide and rule left wing socialism. Most people won't support it. Women as in hetersexual women need their men to make a living, a decent wage, a job that pays, these women do not need the freak show that the elites prop up as todays left. Old socialism is worker rights, all worker rights, the elites won't support old socialism. Divide and rule is working but the rightists are a lot stronger due to elite's divide and rule socalism. My current instinct is powerful sucession movements will sweep the world in time, shall see.