January 19, 2018

Deutsche Bank looking into "suspecious" money in Kushner accounts

NY Daily News - Deutsche Bank is looking at evidence that companies related to Jared Kushner may have moved "suspicious" money through the German lender, according to a report.

The bank has informed a national finance supervisor about the transactions and will also inform special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian election meddling, Manager Magazin, part of the Der Spiegel group, reported.

Trump himself has done extensive business with Deutsche, and acknowledged having $130 million in debts to the bank last year that the Financial Times reported were closer to $300 million.

Kushner Companies has done major business with Deutsche Bank, including a $285 million loan in 2016 related to its property in the former New York Times building in Manhattan.

Kushner’s interactions with the bank were also the subject of a subpoena from federal Brooklyn prosecutors believed to be unrelated to the Russia investigation, according to reports last month.

Its financial dealings have now repeatedly come under scrutiny, and there is an ongoing Department of Justice investigation into its role in a Russian money laundering scheme for which it has paid hundreds of millions in fines to New York and British regulators.

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