January 11, 2018

Court approves ranked choice voting for Santa Fe

New Mexican - Santa Fe will indeed become the 12th U.S. city to use ranked-choice voting in municipal elections after the state Supreme Court  swatted away a legal challenge to the implementation of the new format.

The high court provided no explanation for its decision but effectively preserved the order of state District Court Judge David Thomson, who ruled in late November that because ranked-choice voting machine software is available, it must be used in the March election in accordance with the city’s charter.

Thomson also ruled that the ranked-choice format, used in larger cities like San Francisco as well as smaller progressive enclaves such as Portland, Maine, adheres to a provision of the New Mexico constitution allowing home-rule municipalities such as Santa Fe to conduct runoff elections.


Anonymous said...

Federal ranked-choice voting is our best hope today for destroying the ruling duopoly.

Anonymous said...

The only ranked-choice format that's not more or less a fraud is Condorcet's: it generally yields the choice that satisfies the most people rather than the most passionate.