December 10, 2017

Word: Not ready for impeachment

The Hill - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in a Sunday interview warned that “jumping the gun” in an effort to impeach President Trump is not helpful, arguing that he doesn’t “think we’re there right now.”
“But I think jumping the gun does nobody any good. You have to bring the American people onto this issue. You don’t want to make it into a partisan issue,” Sanders told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Sanders said it would be grounds for impeachment if special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe finds evidence that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russian officials.“I think there is a process that has to be followed. I think Mr. Mueller is doing a very good job on his investigation,” Sanders said, referencing Mueller’s probe into Russia’s election meddling.“I don’t think we’re there right now. That’s what the Mueller investigation is all about,” Sanders said.

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