December 5, 2017

Trump stirs up another Mid East crisis

Politico - President Donald Trump began alerting foreign officials on Tuesday that he plans to eventually move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Trump informed the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, of his intentions in a phone call Tuesday. The Palestinians seek Jerusalem’s eastern sector as a future capital, and Abbas’ office said he “warned of the grave consequences on the stability and security of the region and the world at large” if the embassy were moved there.

Abbas also repeated his stance that “detrimental consequences on the peace process and the prospects for the internationally endorsed two-state solution” would result from such a move.

During a call with King Abdullah of Jordan, Trump “indicated his desire” to move the embassy, according to a statement from the Jordanian government.

“The King affirmed that the decision will have serious implications that will undermine efforts to resume the peace process and will provoke Muslims and Christians alike,” the statement said.

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